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Word Count

To quickly determine how many letters and words are contained in a given text, you can use Word Count. 

The word count of a document or other text quantifies its length. It's a standard method for determining a text's length or monitoring its growth or shrinkage over time.

Why Would You Need a Word Counter Online?

Using a word counter online might be helpful for a variety of reasons:

Writing assignments: An online word counter is a useful tool for students who need to make sure their written assignments adhere to strict word count standards.

Corrections and alterations: When editing or amending a document, a word counter found online can also be helpful. You can notice how revisions affect the total length of your paper by keeping an eye on the word count as you go along.

Estimating reading time: Besides counting the number of words in a document, some online tools may calculate how long it will take to read it, given the user's average reading speed and the length of the text in question. Useful for estimating reading time or providing to readers who may be interested in such details.

SEO: Word count signals to search engines how well-written and informative a page is. If you keep tabs on how many words are on each of your website's pages, you can make sure they adhere to search engine optimization standards and perform well in results.

In general, anyone who wants to keep tabs on the length of a text or predict how long it will take to read can benefit from using a word counter that can be accessed online.

Where Do We Stand Out From Competing Word Counters?

There is no delay in the process because all word counts are done in real-time without pressing any "submit" buttons. You can do that as you input the text if you want to know how many words you've written so far. Also, the data entered into the word count is not saved in any way.

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