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Converting WEBP images to PNG format is easy with the help of WEBP to PNG. Here you can change your Google WEBP file to a PNG image for use in presentations. We've made it easy to convert pictures from WEBP to PNG online, with just a few clicks. You can even convert multiple pictures at once.

The WebP Picture Format

This new format allows for both lossless and lossy compression, making it ideal for use with online photos. The Google Corporation designed this format with the express purpose of streamlining the process of carrying out work via the internet. The key benefit is that the files are smaller than those of other image formats while maintaining a similar level of quality.

This format's lossy compression is achieved by predictive coding. In this method of picture compression, the image is broken up into blocks, and then predictions are formed based on the pixels in the adjacent blocks. In this case, the encrypted information is used to record the deviation between the primary image and the forecast. The accuracy of the prediction is sufficient to rule out any discrepancy between the predicted and real images. The size of the file is decreased. The parts of the image that have already been analysed to construct the rest of the image can be compressed without losing any quality.

The PNG Picture Format

PNG is a lossless compression method for storing raster graphics data. PNG is a free, open-source alternative to GIF. PNG can handle a wide variety of raster images, including colour, colour-indexed, and grayscale formats. The PNG file format is widely used for compactly storing graphic data.


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