URL Decoder

Decode any URL that has been encoded.

URL Decoder

The URL Decoder is a helpful tool that lets you decode the URLs and Links you have created. Using the ASCII character set, URL encoding ensures that hyperlinks can be safely transferred over the internet. 

Decoding a URL with a URL Decoder restores it to its unencrypted form.

To copy the decoded URL, click on the output text section after processing your input string.

How And Why Do You Need To Decode A URL?

When a URL is encoded, decoding it is the act of unpacking it to get to the original URL. Its purpose is to decode the contents of URL query strings and path parameters. In addition, the application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME format is used to decode HTML form parameters.

As you may know, a small subset of the US-ASCII character set is allowed in URLs. 

Letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), the hyphen (-), the underscore (_), the tilde (), and the dot (.) are all valid characters (.). 

Whenever a character is entered that is not one of those in the list, it is converted to an encoded form using either URL encoding or Percent encoding.

Thus, it becomes essential to decoding the query strings or path parameters supplied in URLs in order to obtain their true values. 

Use this URL Decoder, the best URL decoder available today. Simply enter or copy and paste an encoded string from a URL into the input box, and the program will immediately return the original string.


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