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Text to Base64

Converting text and encoding them as base64 strings is a valuable function made possible by the Text to Base64 tool. Generating a Base64 string is as simple as entering the content and clicking the button. Whenever binary information must be stored or transmitted across mediums that are better suited to handle textual information, Base64 encoding strategies are frequently employed. This is done so that the data cannot be altered during transmission.

What Is Base64 Encoding?

There are numerous different implementations of Base 64; hence the name is generic. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions have become the standard in recent years. SMTP email attachments are supported. Radix-64 and YUI's Y64 are two further forms of Base64 encoding. Base64 encoding adds about 33% in size to the data compared to its uncompressed form.

The most prevalent encoding method is MIME Base64, which is based on the RFC 1420 standard. 

What Is String To Base64 Converter Good For?

  • This utility facilitates the process of converting a given text string into a Base64 string.
  • A user can load the text they wish to convert to Base64 into the tool. Your content can be converted to Base64 by simply pasting or typing it into the text section and clicking the "Convert to Base64" button.
  • Text to Base64 works reliably and efficiently on all popular platforms, browsers, and mobile devices thanks to its web-based implementation.


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