SHA Generator

Generate SHA hashes from text.

SHA Generator

With the help of the SHA Generator, you can easily produce or compute SHA256 or SHA512 (SHA1, SHA2) hashes from any string or text. In other words, the hash created from the same input will always yield the same result, but each hash will be different.

To create or calculate SHA1, and SHA2, use our online SHA generator. 

Choose your hashing algorithm from the drop-down box, where options include SHA-256 and SHA-512. Enter the text you want to hash, then click "Generate Hash."

What is SHA-256?

As one example of a cryptographic hash function, SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) is just one of several. An equivalent of a signature, a cryptographic hash, can be considered a signature for a data set. It is best practice to hash and compare SHA256 values when comparing two sets of raw data (file or text source).

It's like the data equivalent of fingerprints. The algorithm will generate a new hash value even if only one symbol is altered. A hash generated by the SHA256 method is nearly one-of-a-kind and 256 bits long (32 bytes). 

A hash function is a type of mathematical operation known as a one-way function. This makes it appropriate for applications like blockchain, digital signatures, anti-tampering, and challenge hash authentication, among others.

Only recently, advances in computing gear (CPUs and GPUs) made decrypting the SHA256 technique feasible. Therefore, its previous uses as a password-protection method and others like it are now discouraged. 

Once upon a time, databases encrypt passwords using SHA256 to keep hackers at bay. In any event, this is no longer relevant.

The SHA256 technique is still useful for verifying that a copy of data is identical to the original. When downloading a file, for instance, you can quickly verify its integrity to ensure that no data has been altered due to network disruptions or malicious software. 

You may verify the integrity of a downloaded file by comparing its hash to the original one provided by the source website.

What is SHA-512?

The Secure Hash Algorithm 512 (SHA-512). Often referred to as a "digest," a cryptographic hash can be considered a "signature" for a piece of text or a data file. The hashing algorithm SHA-512 creates a nearly one-of-a-kind signature for a text that takes up 512 bits (32 bytes).

One of the most secure hash algorithms, SHA-256 and SHA-512, are the successors of SHA-1 and SHA-2. This web application makes it simple to produce hashes in either SHA-256 or SHA-512.


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