QR Code Reader

Read QR Codes from Image.

QR Code Reader

The QR Code Reader allows you to read data from QR codes based on any image. The image can be uploaded, or the URL can be entered to decipher the code. QR codes are now widely used and may be seen in various print media, magazines, newspapers, and posters. The QR codes in your immediate vicinity are incredibly visible.

You can have meaningful interactions with other people through technology devices. Almost half of China's annual $5.5 trillion mobile payments were processed using a QR code on various apps.

What Is A QR Code?

The acronym QR stands for "Quick Response." The bar code has two dimensions and may be read by mobile phones and computers.

A QR code can be read in both horizontal and vertical directions, making the information it contains available in both planes. It consists of a white grid with black squares and dots in various hazy designs. Fuzzy patterns are used to deduce information.

Email addresses, phone numbers, text, vCards, and even embedded media can all be encoded in a QR Code.

What's A QR Scanner/Reader?

An optical scanner that can decode QR codes is called a QR code reader. The cameras of mobiles and tablets read QR codes. One needs a webcam, though, to read the QR code on a computer. What this implies is that you can use your camera to scan and interpret a QR code just by pointing it at the code.

After scanning a QR code, the reader may take some action, such as opening the URL in a new tab. Your smartphone can do anything you want it to do when you scan a QR code, such as connect to Wi-Fi, add the contact to its contacts list, or do any other function you assign.


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