Convert PNG to WEBP easily online.


An effective tool for converting PNG images to WEBP format is PNG to WEBP. 

Simply upload your PNG images, and this programme will rapidly convert them to the WebP format for you. 

Converting photos from PNG to WEBP is quick and easy using our web-based converter application, and multiple images may be converted at once. 

Just choose the file from your device and click on the “Convert & Download” button.

What is Portable Network Graphic

PNG is a raster graphic data storage format using a lossless compression method. To compete with GIF, PNG was developed as a cost-free alternative. 

PNG supports the three primary raster image forms of Grayscale, colour-indexed, and colour images. The PNG file format is used to save graphic data in a compact form.

The PNG extension was proposed to facilitate the sharing and archiving of images on the web. You can only change the colours from opaque to transparent using an 8-bit transparency channel. 

It can handle a wide range of colours (up to 24 bits per RGB channel), grayscales, and picture matches. However, PNG cannot represent additional colour spaces because it is not a professional format. These files can typically be read by any application. 

Furthermore, they work with any web browser. Image sizes, file sizes, and quality might vary widely.

What is WebP Image Format

This new format allows for lossless and lossy compression, making it ideal for online photos. The Google Company designed this structure with the goal of making your time spent working online as efficient as possible. 

The primary benefit is the reduced file size relative to other image formats while maintaining equivalent image quality.


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