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Convert Markdown format to HTML.

Markdown To HTML

Markdown to HTML is a converter that lets you change the text formatted in markdown into text formatted in HTML. Markdown is an easy-to-use text formatting system. Simply copy and paste your Markdown document and press the button to get the HTML version created.

What's HTML and Markdown?

Marking up content for display in a web browser is often done using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). The addition of CSS and other style-enhancing technologies, together with programming languages like JavaScript, can "improve" it. Markdown is a plain text formatting system that allows you to emphasise text, set indentation levels, and create lists with the use of symbols.

Why convert Markdown to HTML?

· When taken by itself, a Markdown file is nothing more than a text file written in code. It is referred to as a markup language for a reason. Markdown documents should be converted to HTML for proper viewing.

· Markdown can be a faster alternative to HTML when creating static web pages. The next step is to have your Markdown file converted to HTML so that it may be published online.

· It is useless to send unprocessed Markdown files to folks who aren't tech-savvy because they won't understand them.

· Imagine that your superior has requested that you present certain records. A raw Markdown document isn't the best choice under those circumstances.

Simply drop or paste your Markdown file into Data Source's text field to begin the transformation. It doesn't take any more steps on your part to get the HTML code file generated.


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