Convert JSON to CSV Format


The JSON To CSV Converter is a tool for transforming JSON data into a comma-separated value file. JSON is a text-based format commonly used for transferring data over the internet, while CSV is a lightweight format for representing spreadsheets. Simply copy and paste your JSON data and then click the button to have it converted to a CSV file.

What is JSON to CSV?

  • You can use the JSON To CSV converter if you need to convert your JSON data to a CSV file.
  • Whether you're using Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, JSON to CSV Online will get the job done.
  • It's simple to use JSON to CSV Converter to transform your data from JSON to CSV format. Copy, paste, and transform.

The initials stand for "JavaScript Object Notation," which is what JSON stands for. It serves as the data storage and transfer syntax. 

It's presented in a universal file format that works with any language. Since JSON is textual, it is possible to transmit any JavaScript object to the server after being transformed into JSON. 

As an alternative, javascript objects can be created from the JSON data that is received from the server. It is a lightweight data-interchange format, to put it simply. It is self-explanatory and simple to grasp. 

"CSV" stands for "Comma Separated Value," a popular data format. It's a comma-separated list; therefore, it's used as a delimiter between text sections. 

CSV is a text file that stores tabular data as comma-separated text. Comma-separated values (CSV) formats are commonly used to express a set or sequence of records where all the fields are the same for all the items in the set.


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