Convert JPG to WEBP easily online.


Convert your photos to Google's WebP format with the help of this online tool. Simply select your file, then hit "Convert & Download." A WebP image will be downloaded immediately when the file is transformed.

Google created WebP so that photos may be compressed while still looking good, reducing their file size and speeding up the web. WepB files are made up of VP8 video data and a RIFF-based container. It's a new photo-specific image format that employs lossy compression.

Picture Format: JPG

The pictures were saved with a JPG extension. The JPG file format is widely used for storing and transferring images on the web. 

Most bitmaps are compressed before being saved as.jpg files, which facilitates their uploading and downloading over the web. 

For images saved in JPG format with a 24-bit colour depth, the decompression impact is most noticeable when the original JPG file is compressed to a higher level.

Picture Format: WebP

This new format allows for lossless and lossy image compression, making it ideal for web-based sharing. 

In order to do tasks in the most efficient and time-saving manner feasible while working online, Google Company created this format. 

This format's primary benefit is that its files are far smaller than those of competing formats maintain high image quality.


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