Convert JPG to PNG easily online.


Get started with the web-based, online JPG to PNG converter to add transparency or enhance the quality of your images quickly. You may quickly change your photographs from JPG to PNG. 

Transparency, faded edges, and better compression are just some features unique to PNG files. 

Our converter tool preserves quality when processing both small and large JPG photographs, and it does so in a flash.

What's a PNG file?

 A raster-based file format, Portable Network Graphics (PNG) compresses images for portability.

PNG images are ideal for usage in icons and other visual designs due to their ability to have either RGB or RGBA colours and allow transparency. Also, PNG allows for more transparent animations (try our GIF to APNG).

How To Open A PNG File?

As a rule, PNG files can be seen in whichever image viewer is installed on your computer. Files saved as PNGs can be viewed without issue in any web browser.
What's a JPG file?
The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG) format is a standard for compressing image files. JPG's widespread adoption can be attributed to its high compression rates. JPG files are great for websites because of their tiny file size and ease of transfer over the web.
How To Open A JPG File?
JPG files are universally recognised and supported by picture viewers and apps. If you have a default image viewer, image editor, or web browser set up, double-clicking the JPG file will open it in that programme. Right-click the file, and then choose "Open with" to choose a programme to use to open the file.


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