IP To Hostname

Get Hostname from any IP Address

IP To Hostname

Using IP To Hostname, you can easily determine the hostname from the IP Address. A hostname can be obtained by entering the IP address and clicking the "Get Hostname" button. 

An IP address can instantly be resolved to a hostname with an IP to Hostname Lookup tool (or domain name). You feed it an IP address, and the tool spits the hostname that gets you there.

What is IP?

Each node on a network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) is given a unique numeric identifier known as an IP address. 

An IP address does double duty, acting as both a unique identifier and a physical address for a device on a network.

IP addresses are fundamental to the Internet to enable devices to connect and gain access to online information. 

IP addresses are used to identify and locate network devices and transport data between devices and applications.

What Does the Hostname Mean?

Whenever a piece of hardware is added to a computer network, it is given a name, or hostname, that serves as a means of identifying that machine on the network. 

Since hostnames are often more descriptive and memorable than IP addresses, they are frequently used to make identifying and connecting to devices on the network easier for humans.

Hostnames work in tandem with IP addresses and domain names. The combination of a hostname and a domain name forms a full hostname, such as "www.example.com." 

Inputting this hostname into a web browser causes the browser to utilise the domain name system (DNS) to get its corresponding IP address and establish a connection to the specified device.

In addition to identifying servers, workstations, printers, and routers, hostnames have numerous more applications. 

Hostnames can be changed to reflect the device's purpose or location more accurately and are normally issued by the network administrator or manufacturer. 

Accessing network resources like file sharing, email servers, and database servers is simplified by using hostnames.


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