HTTP Headers Parser

Parse HTTP Headers for any URL.

HTTP Headers Parser

An invaluable tool, HTTP Headers Parser allows you to inspect and analyse any URL's HTTP headers. Just enter the header information for any URL and hit the parse button to examine it. 

Discover how our modernised HTTP Headers Parser tool offers a complete answer to the evolving User Agent Client Hints landscape by identifying devices based on both User Agent strings and Client Hints.

We are excited to announce the release of a new version of our HTTP Headers Parser tool, which, in response to the evolving User Agent Client Hints environment, will now be able to correctly identify devices based on either User Agent strings or Client Hints.

If the Client Hints headers are present, the HTTP Headers Parser will utilise them to determine the identity of the device.

Advantages of Using a Parser for HTTP Headers

This HTTP Headers Parser utility examines the response's HTTP headers. You can get results tailored to your browser by pasting in headers (or just a user-agent string) or by clicking on the headers that are currently displayed. 

When available, both the first and subsequent request's Client Hints headers are used.

In addition to real-time examination of user-agent strings, our support for Client Hints ensures comprehensiveness across all major browsers. 

This maximises consumer engagement, boosts brand loyalty, and protects customer relationships by providing a consistent brand experience across low-end and high-end devices.


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