Domain WHOIS

Get WHOIS Information about a domain name.

Domain WHOIS

The WHOIS data for domains ending, .net, .org, .info, .xyz, and .biz can be accessed with the help of Domain WHOIS. Enter the domain name and click "Get WHOIS" to access the details.


WHOIS is an Internet standard for querying domain and IP address data (the "who is" in the protocol's name). 

The domain name and IP address WHOIS records normally contain the owner's name, address, contact information, registration information, and other technical details.

A WHOIS lookup service provides access to the WHOIS data maintained in a database. Registrars, registries, and other groups responsible for managing domain names and IP addresses generally provide WHOIS lookup services. 

Anyone with access to the Internet can use a WHOIS lookup service to discover who is listed as the domain name's owner or IP address. 

You can utilise WHOIS data to see if a domain name is registered to you, discover who is behind an IP address abuse case, or see who is at fault in a domain name dispute. 

Similarly, law enforcement and cybersecurity experts can probe computer crimes and security breaches using WHOIS data.

Why Is It Beneficial To Use Domain WHOIS?

Possible advantages of employing a WHOIS lookup service for domains include the following:

  •  Domain ownership verification Using a WHOIS lookup, you can find the owner's contact details if you suspect someone else may be using a domain name you're interested in. If you need to get in touch with the domain's owner, you can use this information.
  • To investigate and report domain name misuse, such as spamming or phishing, WHOIS data can be consulted. Checking the WHOIS details of a domain name will help you track down the people or organisations responsible for the abuse so you can stop it.
  • Whois information can also be utilised to determine who is at fault in a domain name dispute by contacting the appropriate people listed there. In the event of a disagreement over the ownership of a domain name, for instance, a WHOIS lookup will provide the other party's contact details, allowing you to have productive discussions toward resolving the issue.
  • Law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals frequently utilise WHOIS data to investigate cybercrime and other forms of online misconduct. WhoIs information for a domain name or IP address can help authorities track down the responsible parties and collect data that can be used in court.


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