SSL Checker

Verify SSL Certificate of any website.

SSL Checker

With an SSL certificate, you know the website is legitimate and safe. The server's name, the company's name, the domain name, and the physical address are all tied together in this way. Visitor information is protected and never shared.

By looking at the site's navigation bar, anyone may tell if it has this certificate. If an SSL certificate is present, the website's URL will begin with "HTTPS." But holding the certificate isn't enough; it must also be legitimate. An SSL certificate can be checked for authenticity by the website owner.

Use our no-cost, web-based SSL security tester to check the integrity of your SSL server. When you do an SSL test, you can ensure that it was installed properly, is still valid and trustworthy, and is not causing problems for your site's users.

In order to do an SSL test, you will need to obtain an SSL certificate, but this is quite a straightforward process these days. SSL Certificates are readily available at various rates and can be renewed annually. To complete the procedure, you'll need to provide information such as your website, address, point of contact, business owners, etc. Your SSL certificate's public key contains these specifics.

How Does An Online SSL Checker?

This device is really easy to operate. In order to use the SSL checker, no additional software is required because it is a web-based utility.

Here are the easy steps to use our SSL certificate checker:

  • Visit the SSL Checker page, where you'll see the "Enter URL" box. To enter a domain name, you may copy and paste it or manually type it in.
  • In the final step, you'll want to hit the "Check SSL" button just below the URL box.

The end! Our SSL checker returns results in a flash when you click the button.


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