Password Strength Test

Check the strength of your Passwords

Password Strength Test

Using the Password Strength Test, you can see how secure your passwords are. 

Although it could be more convenient, using the same password for many sites poses a significant security risk. If someone were to find out your email, Facebook, Twitter, bank, or even grocery store passwords, their security would be compromised. 

Password-protecting each of your online accounts with a different, difficult password is one way to ensure the security of your personal data. If you want to see your password's security, you should do a password strength test.

How Can I Use A Password Strength Tester?

A password strength tester compares it to a standard set of characteristics, such as its length, unpredictability, and complexity, to estimate how long it would take to crack your password.

A strength tester is a tool used to determine how long it would take for another person (or, more typically, an automated computer programme) to break a password by trying every possible combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. 

You'll be able to construct much more secure credentials if you read this before you start.

The main message is that password strength testers can tell you if the passwords you use for your online accounts (like your bank) are adequate protection.

How Can I Secure Passwords?

Make it unique: Create separate passwords for each of your online accounts. Because of this, the likelihood of having the security of one of your accounts compromised due to a compromised password is decreased.

Make it random: Passwords should be randomly generated using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, special characters, and non-dictionary words that have no relation to you or your identity.

Lengthen it: One of the best ways to ensure a password is secure is to use a long one. A hacker could spend a few minutes or hours trying to crack an 8-character password but would need a billion years to crack a 16-character password.


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