HTML Formatter

Format HTML code that is unformatted.

HTML Formatter

HTML Formatter is a helpful tool for formatting previously minified or unformatted HTML Code. 

The code will be formatted with the appropriate indentation and line breaks. Web development would be incomplete without the use of HTML formatting, which is the process of defining a webpage's visual style and structure with the help of HTML tags and attributes. 

Put your HTML code in the box and hit the "Format Code" button.

 What is HTML Formatting?

The presentation of text and other components in an HTML document is what is meant by the term "HTML formatting." For example, HTML allows you to set the font size, colour, and alignment of text using various tags and properties.

The <strong> element can be used to make text bold in HTML, and the <font size> attribute can be used to set the font size. 

You can use many additional tags and attributes to further customization of HTML text and other elements.

In order to make a webpage easier to read and navigate, proper HTML formatting is essential. It's also crucial for search engine optimization (SEO), since search engine rankings are partially determined by how well-structured a website is.

Why do we Need to HTML Formating?

You may find yourself in need of HTML formatting for a variety of reasons:

  • Improved readability: Text designed correctly can be easier to read and comprehend, especially if the formatting draws attention to key points or breaks up large text sections.
  • Enhanced user experience: User satisfaction can be increased and the browsing experience enhanced by using formatting to manage the look and style of a webpage.
  • Increased engagement: Content properly designed, both in terms of language and other aspects, can be more visually appealing and, in turn, more engaging.
  • Improved SEO: Using correct formatting can aid in increasing your site's SEO because it has been shown to affect a page's position in search engine results.

Altogether, proper HTML formatting is critical for a website's readability, user experience, engagement, search engine optimization, and overall professional presentation

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