HTML Entity Decode

Decode HTML Entities into HTML.

HTML Entity Decode

The HTML Entity Decoder is an efficient program that does just what its name implies: decodes HTML Entities into HTML. 

Sending and storing HTML Entities in a database is secure. Only send HTML over the internet if you know it comes from a reliable source. 

Simply copy and paste your HTML entities into the text box and click the "Decode HTML Entities" button to transform them.

What is HTML Entity Decoding?

Decoding an HTML object means transforming it back into a character from its encoding. 

To properly display less than (), larger than (>), an ampersand (&) in an HTML document, you'll need to employ HTML entity codes (&).

If you use the less-than symbol () in your HTML code, it will appear as the less-than sign when viewed in a web browser. However, an HTML entity decoder can return the entity code to its original character form.

To decode HTML entities, you can use either an internet tool or write some code. Decoding HTML entities in a string, for instance, can be done with the HTML entity decode() method in PHP.

For a wide range of tasks, including displaying HTML code and processing user input, HTML entity decoding—turning HTML entity codes back into their original character form—is an indispensable tool.

HTML Entity Decoding Benefits

Entity decoding in HTML offers a number of advantages, including the following:

Improved readability:

Unless you're used to working with them, HTML entity codes might be hard to read and comprehend. Decoding HTML entities can help make the code more readable and understandable for large or complicated HTML texts.

Improved security:

By restoring potentially harmful input to its unaltered character form, HTML entity decoding can prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Your website and its users will be safer if you do this.

Simplified data processing:

Decoding HTML entity codes can simplify the processing and analysis of data containing these codes.

HTML entity decoding is a valuable tool in web development and data analysis due to its capacity to boost readability, enrich the user experience, strengthen security, and reduce processing time.

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